The Struggles of Minerva Mirabal

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The Struggles of Minerva Mirabal The beauty and culture of the Dominican Republic has changed and evolved drastically through out the years. Unfortunately, the Dominican Republic also known as the DR or Republica Domicana to its natives, was ruled by an oppressive dictator from 1930 until 1961. Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina was his name and manipulation was his game. He ruled by fear and held a tight grip on the civilians of the Dominican Republic. Trujillo ingrained in their homes, schools, and churches that there is only God and Trujillo. Anyone who tried to speak out would be dealt with violently. Trujillo did not stop one driven young lady of the Mirabal family, whose name is Minerva. Minerva Mirabal is the boldest sister out of…show more content…
Ultimately, he kept his word and allowed her to attend law school, but did not allow her to obtain a license to practice law. In spite of this, Minerva Mirabal did not take no for an answer even during imprisonment and torture. As the boldest sister of them all, she always saw the light, even when the darkest path never shined it. Her eagerness and trail-blazing ways led her to problems with the law. However, Minerva stood for what she thought was right even if she was the only one standing. Minerva Mirabal surely lived by the saying of “Better to die standing than live on my
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