The Struggles of My Life

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My life has been one big struggle after another. Having depression was not easy and my therapy sessions were like a revolving door. When I went in and came out I hoped it would be the last, but only to be faced with another session. It all started when I was 13, just as I was becoming a teenager. I fought with my personality. It felt like I was walking against a strong wind. I knew that I was adopted (when I knew what that meant) , but I only felt angrier than a punished child. I tried suicide twice that month, and finally asked my parents to stop going to therapy with me. I thought this would make things better. For the next few months, I kept all my bad feelings to myself, not telling anyone. By the beginning of high school, I couldn't keep it in any more. My emotions blew up like a bag of overheated popcorn. I tried suicide one more time, and again failed. My parents forced me to go to the local hospital where the doctors put me in the psychiatric ward, and I was diagnosed with major depression. This it me like a bug hitting a car windscreen. I didn't even know this was an illness. They released me and gave me individual therapy, which sounded like a good concept. I felt close with my therapist; he made me laugh and helped me solve my little problems. Although things were looking up, there were still a lot of problems lingering around me like a vulture around road kill. I again attempted suicide and got sent back to extreme therapy group for teenagers. These sessions
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