The Student Athlete Association and Subsidized Payment of College Athletes

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Position Statement It is the position of the SAA that all college student athletes begin and remain amateur athletes while attending college. Payment for college athletes should be scholarships that can include tuition, books, dorm accommodations, meal on campus or while traveling. Anything above this should be considered “subsidized” and is considered in violation of the SAA’s governing body. Introduction The SAA (Student Athletic Association) is an organization that was developed to protect and keep all college athletes in an amateur status. The SAA’s job is to make sure student athletes are not being taken advantage of and are remaining true to the student first mission set forth by the SAA “College studies should not undertake for…show more content…
Television was now involved and issues with recruiting and financial aid where taking on a life of their own. It seemed that the SAA needed a full time staff just to deal with the complexity of these problems. In 1952 the SAA was created as we know it today to deal with these complex issues. Women’s Athletics were introduced in 1980, when Divisions II and III established 10 championships for 1981-82. “A year later, the historic 75th Convention adopted an extensive governance plan to include women’s athletics programs, services and representation.” (Crowley, 2006) Discussion What has happened to the idea of attending college for the sake of an education and playing a sport that is loved by the athlete to help offset the cost of a college education? That simple thought seems to be lost as of late as college sports have become a stepping stone for anyone wanting to play a professional sport. The current dilemma in college athletics is weather to pay, especially football and basketball athletes extra money while attending college. There has been much discussion and rational on the subject over the last few years. According to James H. Humphrey, “Stress in College Athletics” there are 5 causes of stress among college athletes. 1. Academic Problems, 2.Athletic demands, 3. Time 4. Relationships with others, 5. Finances (Humphrey, 2000). This is one of

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