The Student I Observed Is A Sixth Grade Student At An Ict Classroom

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The student I observed is a fifth grade student in an ICT classroom. For the purposes of this report, we will call this student Dave(a pseudonym). Dave is 10.5 years old. He is a student in the after-school program in which I am the director of. I have known him since the summer of 2015. We solved the problem in my office during after school. When I asked Dave how he felt about math, he told me: “I feel like math is very fun, once you get used to it.” When I asked him about specifically about problem solving, he told me “You have to think about problem solving like a game! Like in division, you have to destroy creatures and figure out how to put the creatures in equal groups”. I gave Dave the problem of “Legs and Heads”. Dave specifically told me he wanted to learn algebra, so I figured he would appreciate the challenge of this problem. Before we started solving the problem, I asked Dave a few questions about the problem. I asked him what the problem was trying to figure out. Dave told me “This problem is trying to figure out how many cows and how many chickens” Then I asked him what knowledge did he have to know about cows and chickens to solve this problem. Dave answered “That cows have 4 legs and chickens have 2. They both have one head.” In addition to what the problem is asking, Dave also needed to have pre-algebraic thinking, division skills, multiplication, the law of conservation and basic addition and subtraction skills. Then we began to work on the problem.

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