The Student That I Have Been Working With Over The Past Six Weeks

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The student that I have been working with over the past six weeks is Brad Concordia. Brad attends Shiloh Hills Elementary School in the rural area of the Wilson School District. Brad is a first-grade student in Mrs. Detwiler’s classroom who suffers from brain damage and unfortunately he’s dealt with it since he was born. Brad is an energetic, positive kid who loves to tell stories and talk about Pokémon. He does not act up in class and he tends to be very polite and well behaved. Whenever the teacher gives him an activity to do he tries his very best to accomplish it without the help of an aid, but most times he is left with no choice due to his condition.
A couple of Brad’s strengths include being able to count dots 1-34 without any issues, and he is able to comprehend the number of dots he counted and write it down for the answer. For basic numbers such as 1-10, he is able to do it fully on his on and get all of the digits correct. For numbers greater than 10, he is dependent on the help of one of the other teachers. His main weakness in math is his lack of ability to do problems on his own. He relies on counting dots to add up the numbers and my goal for him is for him to be able to see a number and know how much it is “worth” rather than using dots to count. After talking with Mrs. Detwiler, we discussed a plan to help Brad comprehend single digits numbers using his number line. Brad has been very positive toward this intervention and he is eager to work
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