The Student With Spanish As A Teacher

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Vincent is an eighth grade student in the Elm Community Schools. He is an ELL student with Spanish as his primary language in the home. He came to the United State on July 19th, and his current ELL proficiency level is a two. A level 2 signifies that he has difficulty speaking the English language conversationally and academically. Based on this level Vincent is significantly below grade level in relation to the others in the classroom. Also in this level Vincent can understand parts of lessons and simple directions from peers and teachers. Modifications With Vincent it is important to keep directions short and allow for him to use things that will aid him to retain the information needed to help him progress in the classroom and the content. In order for Vincent to get the most of class the teachers need to use aid that are spelling out in ELL Plan. One of those modifications that would benefit Vincent and many others is the use of graphic organizers during the lecture and discussion time in the classroom. As the teacher uses the PowerPoint presentation to review and introduce new types of figurative language the use of graphic organizers could keep Vincent on track and the information organized in a way for him to retain the content. There are many types of graphic organizers to use that benefit students. It is important to find the right one so students, like Vincent, are able to comprehend and retain the information that is being presented. When students
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