The Student 's Angry Reaction

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Name: Marina Blum TA: Mary Caron Recitation#:112 RQ2 The student’s angry reaction has several reasons. In our society students refer to alcohol intake in an abstract and un-countable way. When Engstrom asked the student how much he drank, the individual was taken by surprise. By talking about the alcohol consumption in such a distinct and unique way, the students have created a new culture, surrounding alcohol. If an outsider, who does not understand the “rules” of this culture, asks an inappropriate question, he or she will be looked down upon. It was not Engstrom’s place to ask how much the student drank. The student’s point of the story was not the amount he drank but how he fell off a table and landed on another student’s laptop. The student might have thought that Engstrom was not listening to his story, was trying to get attention or was trying to make the student look “bad”. Students try to raise their self-esteem, create and portray themselves as unique and show their personality, by talking and joking about their alcohol consumption. When Engstrom asked about the amount consumed, the student might have felt attacked. Because of this created culture, in-group members expect other in-group members to accept their stories and experiences without questioning them in any way. When Engstrom asked his question, the student might have felt as if Engstrom was questioning the story’s validity or the student’s “masculinity”. It might have
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