The Students Of English 1120

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As a way to learn and validate the research process, the students of English 1120 each conducted a survey with the other students in the class. Surveys were composed of two-three focused subject questions. Question were intended to have enough depth so that the students could form several assumptions based on the way their peers answered. In the class survey I composed, students answered questions based on their relationship with cultures different from their own. The first question asks students if they had ever traveled, and how far their adventure took them if they had. Ten students have traveled outside of the United States borders, and five students have gone across the pond to other countries. When asked, “Do you desire to know about cultures that differ from yours?” Twelve students replied that they do desire to learn more, and seven students replied that they would like to learn cultures in some respects. The final question asks, ““Do you think learning about different cultures is beneficial to you as a student?” Eighteen out of the nineteen respondents marked that they believe cultural learning is beneficial to them in their academic life. Anderson students have learned skills such as adaptability, tolerance to new things, grace and openness. Traveling to another country or overseas takes a student out of the realm they are accustomed to and gives them a new perspective. This opportunity makes the student friendlier- they know how to approach people that live much
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