The Studies Of Psychological Well -being And Its Effects Within The Workplace

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The Studies of Psychological Well -Being and its Effects within the Workplace As humans, it’s in our nature to continuously strive to live and be well . We seek to find happiness while we overcome the challenges life may present . Psychological well-being relates to this because it is all about the focus of life going great. According to Wright (2007), Aristotle wrote in great detail about the subject and defines it as “the product of a life well lived”. Today this definition remains true including the effects of feeling good and functioning effectively. Sustainable well-being does not require individuals to feel good all the time ; the experience of distressing emotions, such as disappointment and grief is an ordinary part of life, and being able to manage these negative emotions is fundamental for long-term well-being. Psychological well-being is, however, compromised when painful or negative emotions are extreme or very long lasting and interfere with a person’s ability to function in his or her daily life (Huppert , 2009). The concept of feeling good incorporates not only the positive emotions of happiness and contentment , but also such emotions as interest, engagement, confidence, and affection. The concept of functioning effectively involves the development of one’s potential , having some PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING 3 control over one’s life , having a sense of purpose , and experiencing positive relationships. Developing an understanding for how important psychological

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