The Studies of the Universe

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Consider the universe. It is never boundless, never-ending and contains everything that has ever been or ever will be. Mankind has always been interested in what lies beyond the world that we know and finding what else is out there. The universe includes everything from the largest stars to the smallest particles. Exploring the universe is more than just space travel it includes exploring the world and all it contains. It can lead to cures for new diseases, the discovery of new elements, finding a new planet to live on or even finding an asteroid hurtling through space towards planet Earth. Whether it is looking into a telescope to see the vast unknown or into a microscope peering down on the smallest particles that make up our world we …show more content…
Looking into the microscopic world scientists can find the solution to many of the world’s problems. Francesco Gian seems to think the microscopic building blocks of life can be used to help in solving the energy crisis facing the planet. In his Oxford Journal article, Exploring the Universe with a Microscope, Gian explains how the microscopic universe holds the key to solving many pertinent issues. Many of the things that impact the daily lives of ordinary people are within the realm of the microscopic universe. From diseases, to the atoms that make up elements and even the fuel that powers cars and homes all are studied under the microscope. When scientists study diseases, they can be cured or eradicated. Just as how Edward Jenner had created the vaccine for small pox, which is now non-existent in most countries around the world (Gian). Exploring the atom can lead to the creation or discovery of new energy sources and elements. Nuclear fission is now used as a power source in several countries and was made possible by studying the properties of uranium and other fissionable materials. Gian’s article is similar to those on exploring space and the planet in that studying microscopic life forms and atoms are just the same. Gian, however, is more focused on the idea of exploring the microscopic universe as opposed to deep space and far off planets. He wishes to explore and
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