The Study And Analysis Of Actual Language

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CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction Basically, the study and analysis of actual language in use is the goal of text and discourse analysis. Carter (2006: 902) notes that; ellipsis is regarded as universal property of natural language, but its scope and means of realization are not alike substantially from language to language. The existing of ellipsis is everywhere linguistic activity is performed, in any medium, writing and speaking. Ellipsis is an important phenomenon which is obligatory omitted in the grammar and normally in actual discourse, it is found in different types of discourse. In this chapter, the theoretical background of ellipsis will be given in order to trace the development of subject. Chapter two consists of three main parts. The first includes discussions of issues related to the subject of this study: definition of ellipsis, relations within ellipsis, ellipsis in discourse, and difficulties with ellipsis. The second part focuses on the types of ellipsis and shades lights on linguists’ models of ellipsis in both sentence level and text level. Halliday and Hasan`s model represents text level while Quirk et al`s represents sentence level. The final section in this chapter is previous study which discusses development of ellipsis that is tackled by various researchers. 2.2 Definition of ellipsis There is virtually agreement about the definition of ellipsis by all grammarians, the absence of linguistic items from the surface or overt
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