The Study Of Buddhism And Hinduism

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The Study of Buddhism and Hinduism Hinduism and Buddhism are both main religions in Ancient India, both share similar beliefs, but have many differences as well. The relationship between both religion is similar to those of Christianity and Judaism. Buddha was born into the Hindu tradition, similar to how Jesus was born into the Jewish faith. Both religions have goals of teaching happiness and have similar backgrounds and beliefs. Some argue that Buddhism is just another type of Hinduism, but others argue that Buddhism became large in India because of those trying to seek happiness in a society in a caste system. In all, Buddhism and Hinduism are both very two religions despite their commonalities. Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world, followed by Islam and Christianity. It has been called the “oldest religion” and is referred to as the “eternal way” beyond human origins. Hinduism represents the way of life and faith of the many people in India. It is unknown as to how it came about, and where Hinduism was originated, but the beliefs of the Hindu 's is very different than the beliefs of the Christians and Islam. Hinduism is the belief in reincarnation, dharma and in three main gods. No one knows where Hinduism came from, or who started it. It is thought that Hinduism was originated from the Vedas. The Vedas, is the oldest written documents copied onto paper in 1000 B.C., but has existed long before that. Hinduism has greatly changed and developed
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