The Study Of Criminology Has Long Been Forgotten, And When

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The study of Criminology has long been forgotten, and when the first studies began they focused their attention on men. The criminal world was dominated by men, and to include women in such studies was unusual. Women were considered inferior beings, and when it came to female delinquents they were compared to a monster, just like Lombroso. Traditional criminology considered female delinquency to be considered unusual and improper for women, since it was not according to the role they had to play. Feminist Criminology tries to deny the sexist theses that have dominated throughout history as far as delinquency is concerned. Early criminology scholars attempted to explain what characterizes female delinquents from the biological and natural…show more content…
The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (1948) considered that women were born to occupy a position inferior to that of man. They had, therefore, a lower social status that included being mothers and wives. He considered that anatomy is destiny. "It is the sexual organs that determine the female inferiority," he admitted. According to this current of thought, girls grow up considering that they have lost the penis as punishment and become avenging beings. The delinquent woman tries to be a man, and for that reason she uses aggression and crime as a reflection of her penis desire. To avoid these deviant behaviors, what you should do is adjust the role to your gender. These authors try to justify and rationalize the status quo typical of the time in which they lived, specifically as to the social position that women occupied and should occupy. Otto Pollack, joins this tendency to expose psychological reasons to differentiate men from women. Women are inherently lying, he said. Women deceive innately because it is in their constitution as a woman. They are vengeful beings because of their sexual passivity which is what induces them to commit crimes. (The criminality of women, 1950). This author adds to his arguments the "chivalry thesis", according to which women use seduction to obtain a
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