The Study Of Culture By Arnold, M., Raymond William And Attach Them With The Book

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The study of “culture” is one of the most important and relevant topics for today and even a long time ago. People have different views on culture, some mean literature, architecture, visual art, other claim word ‘ culture’ as a way of living, language or religion. Every epoch culture acquires new forms and impact on society. For instance, in the century of computer technology and opportunities to grasp new realities society is more likely to interact with science, figures and new outer limits. Therefore values and awareness of many things have changed or treated in a different form. In this critical review I want to describe the definition of “Culture”, using famous theories by Arnold,M., Raymond William and attach them with the book “Catcher in The Rye” by J.D Sellinger and explain my view of ‘’Culture’’. The plot of this book is based on a story of seventeen-year-old American schoolboy, who is expelled from the school just before the Christmas because of the poor progress. He spends three days in New York and reasons about his life and people around. The main character Holden Caulfield suffers from uncertainty and disillusionment in the world and moral crisis in society. Holden is outraged from show-off and lack of humanity, he feels lies in American society and afraid to become like “all of the adults’’ who are mired in a lie. The main character lives in disagreement with the world and wants to find a shelter for him in this world, where he feels needless.

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