The Study Of Human-Environment Interactions Has Been A

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The study of human-environment interactions has been a major focus for environmental sociologists for the past 40+ years. One key line of research has been the investigation into who engages in pro-environmental behaviors, which can range from voting for political officials and pro-environmental legislation (Gruber 2003) to recycling (Bamberg et al. 2007), leaf burning (Dunlap and Van Liere 1978), and even public transportation habits (Carrus et al. 2008). This line of research has given us a clear picture of who tends to engage in environmental behaviors and who does not. As societies change and new technologies develop human-environment relationships also change that include new ways to act environmentally. With the advent of new…show more content…
Political consumption is this new form of socially conscious consumption.
Political consumption is the conscious act of buying (buycotting) or refraining from purchasing (boycotting) various products and services for social and ethical reasons. Political Consumerism is “defined as consumers’ use of the market as an arena for politics in order to change institutional or market practices found to be ethically, environmentally, or politically objectionable and is a specific form of participation that characterizes individualized responsibility taking” (Stolle and Micheletti 2013, page 39). Political consumption is the purchasing or avoidance of certain products and services in an effort to bring about social change. Political consumers believe that consumption is a means to promote change, because as demand increases for products that are socially or environmentally superior there will be a corresponding decrease in the demand for those that are not. This pressure, ideally, forces corporations to adjust their practices to maintain their customer base and revenue stream. The hope, for the political consumer, is that this shift in purchasing will eventually eliminate the socially and or environmentally harmful products, and supplant them with ones that are less damaging to the world writ large.
The purchase of these alternatives can be likened to people casting their vote
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