The Study Of Human Social Relationships And Institutions

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American Sociological Association Sociology; there are only so many ways to define this term and one of them according to The University of North Carolina, is “the study of human social relationships and institutions.” A sociologist’s on the other hand is someone who works as a professor, researcher, or consultant on sociological issues. For all the sociologists in the world, what they are simply trying to do in the most basic sense is understand society. There are hundreds of people who dedicate their life to study sociology and use it to make the world a better place Auguste Comte, founded sociology in 1838. He first introduced sociology in his famous book “Positive Philosophy” around 1839. He studied sociology in two main part: the social statistics and the social dynamics. He and other sociologists used science to study this human behavior. His cofounder Harriet Martineau was the one who translated all of Comte’s research from French to English. She believed in participating and observing behavior. In order to become a sociologist, like many other careers you must first go to school. The first step in this career is obtaining a bachelor’s degree from any university in sociology. Some of the top universities in sociology include: Harvard University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Wisconsin in Madison, University of Oxford, and University of California in Los Angeles. After attaining your bachelor’s degree, one will then proceed to obtaining a
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