The Study Of Physics Of Preschool Classrooms : Pedagogy And Lesson Planning

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Living Now

From the time your born your being taught how to talk, act and become an important member in our society. I have learned to be the person I am through, culture, society, friends, media, religion, and education. My culture taught me way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. The social and material products of my ways, which are shared among my family members. Society has taught me how to act, look and feel. Friends have taught be about their cultures and how to act with other people and as well as, communicating in group settings. Religion has given me a set of standards to live by. Education has given me understanding, confidence, and knowledge. Education helps you expand you get a better grasp on things happening around the world.

Education is a great way to expand our minds. From a young age education is very important, as demonstrated in the story “on the study of Physics of Preschool Classrooms: Pedagogy and Lesson Planning” writing by, Matthew Schultz he shows how interesting and integrating it would be to teach preschoolers physics. I found this to be a very unique idea and concept of teaching young people. As stated by Schultz, “Keep in mind that preschool-aged children think that their teachers are simply an aspect of the classroom, existing only for that role, rising and setting just for them”(Schultz). With teaching preschooler’s physics, it will expand their minds and teach them to understand relativity as a general concept…

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