The Study Of Practice And Practice Essay

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The Study of Practice

Introduction As the term refers to the untrained individual, practice may seem like a minuscule activity that is drawn-out to emulate a pattern that is to be learned. As practice refers to motor learning it is a very integral part of learning a motor pattern. The same can be said for other activities such as riding a bike, dribbling a ball, or climbing stairs. According to the Oxford English dictionary the term practice is defined as, “repeated exercise in our performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it” (Practice, 2016). We practice a certain activity to become better at performing said activity. For example, a small child learning how to ride a bike, may use training wheels help the child maintain balance without the threat of falling off of the bike. The training wheels help the child acquire the feeling of what it is like to ride a bike. The use of the training wheels allows the child to practice or get comfortable with the action of riding a bike before actually doing so. Practice encompasses many other factors that contribute to how well an individual attains and learns a skill. Practicing a skill infrequently or frequently affects how that skill is performed. The distribution or spread of practice may affect learning. The instability or variability of a skill performance can have an effect on the end result learning. Mental practice, part practice, and whole practice are types of practice that also has
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