The Study and Practice of Nursing

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Transforming Practice, Education, and Leadership The field of nursing is one that has profound impact on medicine, health care, and society. There has been increased interest in the study and practice of nursing in the 21st century around the world. It is a growing field with a solid global reputation of necessity and respect. More and more people are interested in becoming nurses and more attention is being paid to the roles of nurses in the overall health care experience. The IOM report was released in 2011 as a reflection of the progress, philosophical perspective, and standards by which nursing and nurses should uphold. The paper pays particular attention to the sections regarding the IOM's stipulations for transforming the practice of, the education in, and the transformation of leadership in nursing. When initiatives and documents surface in a particular field, there will be changes in the approach, execution, and consideration for that field. Certainly, the IOM report directly impacts nursing education, the nursing practice as a whole, and perceptions or definitions of leadership in nursing. The paper is a short meditation and exploration of such considerations, as well as reflection as to how the IOM report alters my personal practice so as to meet the goals presented. With respect to transforming the nursing practice, the IOM reports advocates that nurses work to apply their practical knowledge as a result of experience and whatever formal education they have
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