The Study of Archaeology Essay examples

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According to The Society for American Archaeology, the definition of Archaeology is, “to obtain a chronology of the past, a sequence of events and dates that, in a sense, is a backward extension of history.” The study of ancient civilizations and archaeology is rather ambiguous due to the primitive nature of the time period. With little imagery and even less textual evidence, professionals in the field must work diligently when studying their subjects. Naturally, archaeologists cannot see or communicate with those whom they are studying, so they must be extraordinarily meticulous when analyzing past cultures. This relates to all aspects of the ancient world including; foods, raw materials, artifacts, agriculture, art work and pottery. All…show more content…
For example, if weather patterns change this leads to the scarcity of plants or wildlife essential for larger species which may in turn lead to the migration or death of humans and other animals. We are actually seeing this domino effect now in our current environment as global warming escalates. Future archaeologists will see the ramifications of this current dramatic climate change A pivotal example of the effect of a severe climate change is evidenced by the collapse of the ancient Mycenaeans. Most known in the late 1960s as an archaeologist and art historian, Rhys Carpenter determined that the environment was a likely culprit in the fall of this lost civilization. Carpenter believed one of the biggest hurdles the Mycenaean civilization faced was drought. Based on his findings Carpenter concluded that drought resulted in crop failure, disease, revolution, as well as migration. Philosophers Plato and Aristotle also made significant contributions to the discussion on environment. Both writers make note of changes in forestation and water. Aristotle noted changes in fertile soil as well as hydrology and fertility. If there had been any conclusive evidence for the demise of the Mycenaeans it would have been in the form of pollen records as well as the remnants of mass graves, none of
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