The Study of Critical Success Factors for Knowledge-Based Technology Service Industry

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1.1 Research Background
Most Taiwanese have witnessed the development of Taiwan with the focus on from agriculture, textile industry, light industry, electronic industry to hi-tech industry today.
Due to the right direction of development chosen by local industries and the smooth transformation of Taiwanese industries, people here live a good life. Going to great length to develop hi-tech industry has become one of the most important strategies in Taiwan.
Now Taiwan dominates the world with regard to production of computer mouse, keyboard, PC case, switching power supply, CRT monitor, LCD monitor, scanner, mother board, video
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Only after gaining certification can products be imported and sold in these countries or areas. Furthermore, the short life cycle of IC and electronic products leads to bitter competition, quick pace of introducing a new-generation product, and even drastic fall in the price. Therefore, the chief obligations and value of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing and certification laboratory are to ensure new products coming out in time, create high profit for new items, try to get more OEM orders from international companies, etc. These original motivations spur this research.
1.3 Research Objectives
Behind the attractive hi-tech industry are a group of related skill supporters, who increase these products’ added value, creative value, and new value of being sold at the right time. Based on advanced skills, excellent service, knowledge management, core competency, operational performance and inventive ability, knowledge-based technology service industry emerges in this more and more competitive environment. The keys to success are worth investigating.
After 15 years of development, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing and certification laboratory now becomes the professional labor-sharing industry for
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