The Study of Hostage Drama in Quirino Grandstand

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THE STUDY OF HOSTAGE DRAMA IN QUIRINO GRANDSTAND CHAPTER1 INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The aim of the dissertation is to research the diplomatic negotiating style of the Filipino law enforcement by analyzing the events in its diplomatic history, namely the bilateral negotiations with the Philippines during august 23, 2010. For the past few days since the embarrassing hostage crisis that has brought international shame again to our country, it has been reflecting on how we as a Filipino people can collectively move forward from this incident. In cyberspace, many people continue to express anger, rage, disappointment, frustration and sadness about how our government particularly the Philippine National Police (PNP)…show more content…
Believe that majority of our police force are good and well-meaning Filipino public servants who went into the service to help our country. If the political leaders for the past 5 years only used our funds properly instead of putting it in their own pockets then that would have been able to develop an elite police force that would be able to handle any type of crisis situation in a very effective manner. Making no excuses for the Aquino administration because like said, they should’ve been in full control the moment the hostage crisis started but in reality they are also inheriting a poorly trained and equipped PNP from the previous administration. Don’t forget that Aquino has been in power for barely two months while Robredo was just appointed as DILG chief in the middle of July. It is with this reason that really appalled by the way two very staunch supporters of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Senator Miguel Zubiri and Albay’s Rep. Edcel Lagman, are now trying their darndest best to play hero and pin all the blame on Aquino and Robredo. If they are really serious that they want to help our country and improve our image in the international community, then perhaps they can begin by probing and supporting an investigation on all the anomalies and corruption that happened during their boss’ term. Now, what can do to finally move forward? The greater challenge for us Filipinos is to understand

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