Essay on The Study of Human Race and Ethnicity

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Physical and Biological anthropologists have proven that human race indeed exists and is valid. Through modern bone analysis techniques like midfacial measurements and femur traits for example, we are now able to distinguish the biological background of different Homo sapiens. Forensic anthropologists identify human remains based on their race. Race is the key to science. The biggest misconception of race is racism. Race has become this controversial topic that is considered taboo in today’s society. Many argue that race is not in fact the way to defines human background/culture. The opposition claims that environmental adaptation is the number one reason for our appearance. Environment alone will not answer the question. Does…show more content…
Many believe that environment causes or explains everything but it does not. Race exists, but the definition of race needs to be understood. Race does not exist in the same way as, “dog” and “cat” exists. Categorizing Black and White will not be referring to superior or inferior species. If you ask any scientist and corner them on the issue of race, then you’ll find that the correct definition of race is to think in terms of dog breeds, cat breeds, and horse breeds for example (White, Guy). To better understand this concept, human race can be compared to the different breeds of dogs. When you say we are “black” or “white”, you’re saying, we’re like “bull terriers” or “German Shepherds”. That is the correct, genetic and scientific perspective of race. But nobody will come out and tell you this. No one wants to compare humans to animals. Dogs can breed with other dogs, and when they do you get “mixed breeds”, which is the equivalent of “mixed race” in humans. Blacks and Whites can interbreed. We’re not separate species. We are of the same species, same blood type, and same DNA sequence. It is just that we are different variations within the same species. The problem with race is that it is not as clear and as definitive and divided as species. Nature does not allow you to interbreed a cat and a dog. So it is a very pronounced and definitive concept whereas “breed” and “race” are more like a fashion. They are a
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