The Study of Political Science

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In the study of political science it is important to understand how people think and why they think that certain way. This affects the priorities of problems they have and would like resolved by government officials. There are many factors that can attribute to what people want before other problems and what are the main concerns of those people based on geographical area, ideology, and even religion. The question posed for my research is "How can a government official such as a senator know what there constituents want, need, and can use to have a better life, community, and state?" The answer to this question is effective communication between the official and their constituents. This question can be tested by many methods including tracking calls, email lists, surveys, and meeting directly with constituents in their communities. When doing this it allows the official to gain specific feedback and knowledge referenced directly to what is weighing on the thoughts of the millions that live in that state. Collecting data and analyzing it is an essential step in the research process. The process for these surveys and polls starts out by having a database where all the information is received. It is common practice with this type of research to take in a number of calls, emails, and letters from various people all over the state. The data then needs to be sorted into different categories. Age, geographical area, and specific issue could be possible forms of measure. Once the
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