The Study of the Attachment by Harry Harlow and Mary Ainsworth

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The study of the Attachment by Harry Harlow and Mary Ainsworth The word love brings us many meanings. But how do we learn to love? Is it something that we born with, like kind of pre-programmed behaviour or is it a something that we learn during our development? Do we bound to others because of something that we receive on exchange or the constant proximity forms the bound? The comprehension of what defines emotional attachments or the emotional bounding to others, either in humans or other species, proofs that such emotions are not only a compound of feelings but tools that nature used in order to make us to evolve and preserve life flourishing (Custance, Deborah 2012). Anomalies on the individual process of attachment could…show more content…
Harlow´s was one of the pioneers developing a research on attachment, but the main subjects on his studied were monkeys; in contrast, Ainsworth studied the attachment of humans. Harlow’s developed his studies with orphan’s rhesus monkeys in laboratory. By using two made wire models mothers. One of the wire mothers had a bottle to feed the baby and other, had no bottle, but it was covered on terry-cloth. Harlow observed how important was the bound made by the monkey baby on both surrogate mothers, Babies used the wired with bottle to feed only but the one covered on terry-cloth provided the emotional bound and further on the experiments, the terry-cloth provided confidence and security. (Harlow, H.F. 1962) Harlow put the bases of understanding the patterns on how behaviour occurs; looking into feeding and tactile affection on producing comfort and security he could define differences on monkeys in their social and cognitive development. Doing that he did categorized some behaviours such secure, insecure, anxious, confidante, but he did not elaborate further on the type or qualities of such forms of attachment, that was exactly what Ainsworth’s was focused on. Ainsworth developed the laboratory study called “The Strange Situation” Where the mother and the baby ware exposed to a stranger person. It showed the levels and types of attachment as the child was left alone with the stranger and consequently later
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