The Study 's Boundaries And Ethics Of A Certified Counselor Essay

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The first three questions are the study’s boundaries and put there to weed out any non-desirable participants. Participants must self-report a diagnosis of Graves’ disease, be 18-years old or older, live in the United States, and be willing and able to agree to a consent form before participating. If the answers given do not comply with the study’s boundaries, Survey Monkey will discontinue the survey automatically. To ensure complete participant confidentiality, no personal information will be ask. A numerical code will be used for each individual surveys for research purposes. At the completion of the survey the participants will be provided the link to the support group and the contact information to a certified counselor in case the questionnaire were to cause minor emotional stress and the participant needs further assistance. All data collected from the survey will be stored on Survey Monkey’s secure server. Only primary investigators and co-investigators will have access to the data. An analysis of the survey questionnaires will occur when satisfactory numbers of questionnaires are completed. Reporting/dissemination plan After all pertinent information gathered from the findings it will publish by the researcher to the medical community and made available to the support group’s who participated. Survey Monkey will destroy questionnaires after a minimal of three years at the conclusion of the study. There will be a presentation made for Florida Occupational Therapy
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