The Style Of David Fincher 's Se7en

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Explore the style of David Fincher’s Se7en and explainn how the style choices crucially contribute to the film’s significance and effectiveness in relation to its framework

Table of Contents
1. Introduction ii
2. Discussion vi
2.1 Frameworks of References vi
2.1.1 Historical Context vi
2.1.2 Authorship vii
2.1.3 Genre viii
2.2. Story Telling ix
2.2.1 Storyline ix
2.2.2 Clarity of Plot x
2.2.3 Plot Relevance xi
2.2.4 Complexity of Characters xii
2.2.5 Background of Motivations and Objectives of Main Characters xiii
2.2.6 Flashbacks and Ending xiii
2.3. Acting, Art Direction and Costumes xiv
2.4. Cinematography xiv
2.5. Sound xv
2.6 Editing xvii
2.7. Style Contribution to the Film xviii
3. Conclusion xix
References xxi

Style of Se7en by David Fincher

1. Introduction
The movie selected for this particular assignment was David Fincher’s Se7en, which is an adaptation of the screenplay written by Andrew Kevin Walker, the movie was released in 1995. The movie falls under the genres of drama, mystery and thriller. All the three genres provide the viewers with incomplete information adding to the suspense of the movie. According to the Hill (2010), suspense is an external environmental stimulus, which triggers the feeling of fear, anxiety, fascination and excitement, all at once. Behavioral psychologists describe suspense as the preconceived notion, which can cause arousal of fear in an individual, yet rational would dictate that arousal of free would force the

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