The Style of Toni Morrison's Beloved

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Style Analysis of Beloved

In the 500 word passage reprinted below, from the fictional novel Beloved, Toni Morrison explains the pent-up anger and aggression of a man who is forced to keep a steady stance when in the presence of his white masters. She uses simple language to convey her message, yet it is forcefully projected. The tone is plaintively matter-of-fact; there is no dodging the issue or obscure allusions. Because of this, her work has an intensity unparalleled by more complex writing.

OUT OF SIGHT of Mister’s sight, away, praise His name, from the smiling boss of roosters, Paul D began to tremble. Not all at once and not so anyone could tell. When he turned his
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A similar technique Morrison utilizes is shock through simplicity. “[His hands] would not hold his penis to urinate or a spoon to scoop lumps of lima beans into his mouth.” This sentence, written with a basic vocabulary and with simple grammar, delivers her point in a much stronger and more meaningful way than if she had used a bunch of big words. It seems somewhat shocking with the phallic reference; such things are not often talked of in common conversation, but because Morrison is using a simple conversation tone in her writing, it seems almost out of place. Because of the unexpectedness, it makes the reader think, and has an impact that a more advanced vocabulary could not cause. A similar use of
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