The Styles Of Mirza Abu Taleb Khan And Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

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This creative writing piece will depict a travel narrative of my first day in New York City. In this piece, I will be mimicking the styles of Mirza Abu Taleb Khan and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Both writers use first hand impressions and vivid descriptions to inform and educate readers about the cultures of the places they visited as well as how the people from those respective places behave differently in comparison to where Montagu and Mirza Abu were from. They criticize the cultures and behaviors for how different they are. However, they also work to convey what they found remarkable because of those differences from their own countries of origin. This emphasis and analysis on mannerisms, behavior, and culture reflect my own when I first stepped foot in New York; I was confused by the mannerisms of the people in the city as well as how different it was from my home back in Georgia. I hated it at first, yet I grew to understand and appreciate it by the end of the day. It was an overwhelming concrete jungle that assaulted the senses. A cacophony of noise bombarded my ears while a mélange of scents permeated the air. It’s not nearly as quiet as it is back home. Not even close. It was just as hot, that’s not too different. But aside from that, there wasn’t much similarity from the little Georgian suburb I left behind. Even the Atlanta skyline, which I had previously held in such high esteem, didn’t hold a flame to the skyscrapers that seemed to kiss the clouds. I’m certainly

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