The Subculture I Choose Is Vampire Lifestyle

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This essay is talk about the culture. The subculture I choose is Vampire Lifestyle. In this essay, I will talk about the theoretical perspective, what is culture and how it connect with counter culture, how it has been affected by the consumerism and how it held together by the cultural capital. I choose the symbolic interactionism for my theoretical perspective. From sociological perspective, symbolic interactionism most concerned with the face-to-face interaction between members of society. Symbolic interaction reminds us that culture is a human creation. In society, culture consists of the shared symbols and their definitions that people create to solve real-life problems. Culture define in many words. For example, particular patterns of behavior, the symbol, language, and way the people things, etc. My main point is symbol. Symbol is concert objet or abstract term. In another word, the meaning of the symbol is something that represent something. Culture is the primary means by which human adapt to their environment (page no.69). In reality, we create culture to solve our real-life problems. There are three survival kits for culture. They are abstraction, cooperation and production. But, my focus is on the first two. Abstraction means ability to create general concepts that organize sensory experience in meaningful way. Abstraction is most pervasive type of symbol in human culture. Language is also an important to the

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