The Subculture Of Craft Beer

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1. What is the subculture’s core purpose? What motivates, unifies and drives the members? 
 It's Friday night in the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town and all the cool, hip young professionals are out to celebrate the start of the weekend. After doing a tour of the most popular and crowded bars, I found that all of these partygoers are drinking the same drink: Craft Beer. As a student of ethnography I was interested in this social phenomenon of craft beer in Cape Town, and even more so about this subculture of drinkers that would pay more for a craft beer, then a standard, regular, cheaper beer. "Craft beer" in this context refers to beer that has been brewed locally and has not been distributed by the mass market, for example SAB. After doing…show more content…
The consumer experiences a human, personal interaction when buying and drinking this craft beer. This gives the consumer a feeling of actually experiencing something, instead of the standard exchanging "goods for money" transaction that applies to buying a normal beer. I also found that at craft beer festivals and markets, the seller of the beer interacts with the consumer, talking about how the beer was made and what hops or malt was used in creating the beer. The young subculture of Craft beer drinkers are genuinely concerned about how the beer is made. To this subculture having different options is very important. They seek adventure and they are motivated to drink Craft beer, because there are so many varieties and different kinds of beer to choose from. There is gluten free beer, vanilla beer, and low calorie beer to name a few. What are the shared and distinguishing elements of the subculture’s identity? (Elements 
such as dress code, jargon, rituals, celebrations, practices, etc.) 
 I found that the consumers of craft beer were young, urban professionals with disposable incomes. Interestingly most of them work in creative industries including media, advertising, film and journalism and most of them have a tertiary education, or studying towards…show more content…
Fresh grocery stores such as Food Lovers Market, Woolworths and Spar could partner with Craft Beer Brands to improve their sales. In America , Lowes Foods, a locally-bent grocery store chain based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina started selling Craft beer. They installed a "Beer Den," where customers can sample beer and then buy a pint to drink while they shop. This was such a success that they implemented the same strategy in Whole Foods. The in-store taps enable customers to taste different beers and provide opportunities for customers to meet the brewer; a strategy I believe will work well in South Africa. Adventure stores such as Cape Union Mart, Outdoor Warehouse and Due South could also partner with Craft Beer, buy selling it at their stores. My research showed that this sub culture has a strong sense of adventure, which makes the partnership with these adventure stores perfect, in my
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