The Subjectivity Of Terrorism In The 21st Century

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Terrorism is the vast term used for the intentional and pre-planned act of violence to create chaos in the society entailing the political or religious agendas. The term "Terrorism" has gone controversial in the 21st century and has been shifted from its objective nature to subjective one. It is an extreme act of violence and terrors that threat the community and makes the lives of people vulnerable (Combs 2015). This essay will through light over the subjectivity of terrorism and how it has been made controversial issue while facilitating the biased global politics.
The term terrorism is not new to the world as to date back many incidences are tied to our history that highlight the terror and rage. However, it first got attention back in the eighteenth century during the presidency of Ronald Reagan (Cutter 2014). Later the attack of 9/11 in New York shook the world, and the term got highly contentious afterwards. The concern regarding terrorism now focuses cover the underlying aim of the violence while saving the innocent lives from the vulnerability of loss of their lives (Horgan 2017, 199). This term can be considered as a strategy or tactic, more precisely a crime and a holy duty by reacting to the atrocity and repression.
Terrorism gets controversial if one focuses on the view points and rationalities of different groups. The fact that one group considers as a holy activity or self-defense is a crime or act of terrorism for the other group (Kellner 2015). It is an

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