The Subliminal Effects Of Social Media

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We live in a world where the new way to communicate is via Internet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media networks have taught us ways to connect with one another and have become our new way of entertainment. As reported by influencer marketing agency Mediakix in David Cohen article, “How Much Time Will the Average Person Spend on Social Media During Their Life?” confirms that the average person will spend more than five years of their life on social media according to Mediakix study. But, people may not see the subliminal effect that social media is having on us, with the concern of sexting and cyberbullying slowly wearing down latest problems are occurring because of this evolving medium; it is affecting people happiness without them even realizing it. Social media has become the foundation for people to showcase their lives 24/7 keeping their followers up-to-date with their “extravagant” lifestyle. With young adults’ use of social media, they are obsessed with the idea of appearing happy even if they aren’t happy and this is having an impact on their mental-wellbeing.
We tend to idolize people’s lives based on how happy they seem to appear on social media then believe we must act the same way. With one popular social network, Facebook, gives people the ability to stay connected and share with their friends/family. Having a Facebook page is now an expected part of being online. This online website is surprisingly causing young adults to feel sad,
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