The Substance Of Sherlock Holmes

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There’s is arguably nothing worse in life than boredom. If given a chance to alleviate the mundanity of our everyday lives we would all gladly take it. Well, luckily there is or has been a remedy for boredom. Some people (the fans) have argued that the cure for our insufferable and bland lives has been on screen since 2010. And it’s name is Sherlock. The tv show brought to us by the BBC has become a cult phenomenon since it hit our screens in the early 2010s. But why? What’s so great about a tv show starring two British guys? Well the answer is simple, complexity. The substance in Sherlock whose synopsis is about a “consulting detective” named Sherlock Holmes who solves crimes along with his sidekick John Watson is unbelievable.In a book entitled Signs of Life in the USA, there are two writers Seger and Ray; both of whom discuss common Hollywood tools used to make films popular. In an article, published by Linda Seger entitled, Creating a Myth, she talks about the many tropes Hollywood or cinema in general uses relate to its audience. One of the most famous and popular methods she points out as being that of the “Hero Myth.” In it’s most simplistic form the “Hero Myth” is about an unwilling character seeking and finding adventure all the while being transformed. If we go back to the tv show Sherlock it contains specific parts of the “Hero Myth.” However, it also contains much more. According to Ray, in his article entitled The Thematic Paradigm, the type of heroes…

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