The Substance Of Substance Abuse Counseling

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Journal Activity Paper The substance I decided to abstain from this semester was sugar. This was not easy. Keeping a journal gave me a place to vent my frustrations and gave me a place to look back on the process. It certainly gave me some insight into the things I was learning in this class. I knew next to nothing about substance abuse counseling before beginning this semester and I had no idea what to expect. I can say with confidence that I think I will be able to be a better school counselor as a result of the process, even if I often hated it. The beginning of this sugar abstinence experience came at a busy time in my life. The high school students where I work were in the middle of standardized testing. My son had just aged out of birth to three and therefore was in limbo between birth to three and preschool and was not receiving his usual therapies. He was very upset with this schedule change. My husband was finishing up one job and moving to another. My infant daughter was still not sleeping through the night. I was a little annoyed that I had to add something else to my plate. As I look back on my journals, I realize that a client being asked to stop or reduce their use of a substance may feel the same way. Clients do not live in a vacuum, and they too may have busy lives and families.
When I watched the third video in the SBIRT series called “Brief Negotiation Interview Reluctant Patient” (n.d.), I actually giggled a little in recognition reflex…
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