The Substance That Is Measured Objectively And Evaluated As An Indicator Of Normal Biologic Processes

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The substance that is measured objectively and evaluated as an indicator of normal biologic processes, pathogenic processes, and pharmacological responses to a therapeutic intervention, acts as biomarkers 122 And using a combination of host and site specific markers provid accurately assesses to periodontal disease status, because of the complex, multifaceted nature of periodontal disease, it is highly unlikely that a single biomarker will prove to be a stand alone measure for periodontal disease diagnosis. 127-131 GCF as a biomarker: To defeat some of the troubles associated with the measurement of conventional clinical indices, many examiners have explore to active components of GCF and use it to detect more reliable methods of diagnosing periodontal treatment needs and success. 132 Gingival crevicular fluid is an inflammatory exudate from the small vessels blood supply of gingival, that crosses inflamed periodontal tissues and end route collects molecules of potential interest from the local inflammatory reaction, the constituents of the fluid are derived from a different of sources, Include molecules from blood, and contributions from cells and tissues of the periodontium as the vasculature, epithelium, nonmineralized and mineralized connective tissues, and the inflammatory and immune cells that have infiltrated into the periodontal tissues which about 70–80% granulocytes, 10–20% monocytes/macrophages, 5% mast cells and 5% T lymphocytes. The diagnostic
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