The Subway Sandwich Industry: Greek Fast Food on a Budget

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Subway Sandwich Industry: Greek Fast Food On A Budget Introduction Creating a subway sandwich business based on Greek food provides an innate differentiating element of the unique flavors, ambiance and historical context of foods well-known throughout western society. For any restaurant to succeed over the long-term it must have a highly differentiated product and service mix, in conjunction with a broad enough base of potential offerings to continually grow the service and dining options (Paul, 1984). Greek food has a myriad of combinations that can be successfully used for expanding the product aspect of any restaurant business over a very broad range. From the salads and rice known for its unique flavor to the many approaches to preparing beef, chicken, lamb and seafood, Greek food can be successfully used to market and promote a subway sandwich shop based on shish-kabob and gyro-treated beef and lamb. Analysis Of Marketing For A Greek Subway Restaurant The foundational element of any successful marketing strategy for a restaurant is creating a unique, highly valued experience for the customer, and being able to repeatedly deliver excellent results with each visit. The differentiating elements of restaurants are often initially defined by the food or drinks served; yet it is the experience that is delivered on a consistent basis that means the most to customers over time and leads to their loyalty (Murphy, Forrest, Wotring, 1996). For the marketing strategy of a

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