The Success And Failures Of Fellow Educational Institution 's Lms Implementation Plans Essay

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Academic leaders have researched and documented LMS implementation, researchers have studied successful LMS implementations from both student and faculty perspectives, all to increase the chance of success in their own institutions. For this project to be successful at Deerfield Academy it was imperative that we complete our own research and study the successes and failures of fellow educational institution’s LMS implementation plans.

Plan Description
To prepare faculty for this transition the Instructional Technology department, in conjunction with the Technology Learning Committee, will provide a 6-phase implementation, training, support and communications plan. The rollout to faculty will be gradual, allowing for time to learn and adapt to the new interface as well as design courses and course content for those not yet utilizing a learning management system. In the first year, there will be a minimum requirement for all teachers to post Course Syllabus and all homework assignments two weeks in advance. Each year the minimum requirement will increase with a goal to be fully adopted and in full use with all courses will be taught entirely in a blended/hybrid fashion through the Canvas LMS within 3 years. All teachers will be expected to attend at least 1 training on Canvas, and one training pertaining to online, flipped or blended learning. Although the training requirement is low, the Instructional Technology department will host a consistent and wide range of
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