The Success And Failures Of Santander

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1. Please describe and evaluate the Country/Political Risk faced by this organization and describe its successes and failures. Santander is known as a strong financial leader within the financial sector of Spain and has presented themselves with great steps in the growth to becoming a well-known leader regarding their contribution in finance, globally. The globalization process proven by Santander is very successful compared to other financial business activities throughout the world in regards to demographics, lifestyle and economic sectors. But, because of large variety between the business structure that Santander comes across there are many problems with their decision making process. It is hard to understand each financial and…show more content…
The difficulty in preserving such large scale organization proves many problems in sustaining a strong organizational structure. The level at which Santander had been performing on a global scale varied from segment to segment with no real business ideology and systematic approach within these sectors. The importance of organizational is strength and balance with a cohesive approach towards a company goal is representation of an area of work and need for Santander. 2.What has been the lending strategy followed by Santander? Santander’s largest lending activity is shifted towards auto finance and Santander expanded a strong market share in offering financial assistance to consumers. With a strong presence on auto and retail credit presence, Santander also explored into different financial services. Lending evaluations by Santander are based on credit background of the person (or company) who wants borrow. Through the development of a credit-approval system, Santander Consumer Finance increased an understanding into these clients on an online database which allowed for the use of real time analysis in determining interest rates for the business interactions. Santander had come up with a strategy that was specific to each sole region due to the differences related within each region. The effects of culture and political importance were best understood by the residents of these particular areas and allowing proper power and skills to these individuals, there
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