The Success, And Rescussion Of Coffee Day Xpress (CDX

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Introduction : Globalization, new style of life and internet participate highly in making franchising important in every country, in our country we have a plenty of global franchising for example; Carrefour, Burger king, McDonalds, Adiddas…,etc. In this essay, a brief illustration about the success, and expansion, of franchise company (Coffee Day Xpress (CDX)) will be done. And differences between Small business and entrepreneurial business also will be illustrated. Franchising : Franchise definition: “A franchise is a business system in which private entrepreneurs purchase the rights to open and run a location of a larger company. The franchising company, or franchisor, signs a contractual agreement with the franchisee, explaining…show more content…
CDX business considered successful since it dynamic to response environmentally to the changes that’s occur, CDX business have a chance to make profit in rescission time more than the international business, it’s not affected by rescission. CDX has created the chance to find new customers and produce new drinks and meal, also they have the flexibility to work longer hours they can work 24/7. Ref. web site at 25/11/2014 & case study “Express way to quick success”. Secondly, CDX response to the new life style which had a positively effect in their success; since customers have a speedy life and they need health fast food; CDX offer them their needs which are rare these days, since most of the fast food restaurant offers unhealthy food. Also, CDX prices are affordable for all the customers. case study “Express way to quick success”. Furthermore, as any business CDX has many competitors, but they can differentiate themselves by their own secret flavors for drinks and sandwiches they serving the taste from home, and also they build a good relationship with their customers. Case study “Express way to quick…show more content…
See also small and medium enterprise (SME)”. Ref. web site at 25/11/2014. Entrepreneurial venture definition: “Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be produced.” Ref. web site at 25/11/2014. For deciding whether to start small business or entrepreneurial venture, each kind has its own characteristics, will mentioned in brief below. Small Business generally deals with well-known and established products & services, Entrepreneurial Ventures are for usually for new innovative offering. Also, Small Business usually seeks for limited growth and continued profitability while entrepreneurial venture target quick growth and high productivity returns. Ref. web site at 25/11/2014. Another important difference, entrepreneurial venture usually effect economics and communities highly which result other sectors like job foundation, Small Business is limited in this viewpoint, its restricted to their own field. Ref. web site at

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