The Success And Success Of Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos, the "king of online retail," is one of the most influential entrepreneurs and investors of our time. The founder of Amazon also owns The Washington Post, one of the main investors in Uber, placing it at number 15 of the richest men in the world, with an estimated US $ 38.500 million fortune. We present 10 key aspects of his success: Read more...

1. Waiver of security and dare. By 1994, -before Jeff Bezos turned 30 years could be considered successful by being the youngest vice president of a major investment firm on Wall Street. Bezos received a six-figure salary in dollars, but was determined to follow his dream of creating a company in then new world of electronic commerce. It was a risky decision, but soon generated US $ 610 million in annual sales and had 13 million customers worldwide.

2. Identifies opportunities. Much of what makes an outstanding entrepreneur is his ability to
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Test launches faster and expands. When Bezos decided to sell on the internet, he had a choice of 20 possible products, including CDs, books and software. In the end he chose the books because there were millions of titles and would have a competitive advantage over fixed bookstores where, at best, could store a couple hundred. In 1995 he opened "the world's largest library" (, later renamed Amazon) that made him famous. Since 1998, after checking the successful sale of books, he began to sell other products (first Christmas). He soon branched out and today Amazon sells almost everything from books to clothes, toys and electronics, and their own TV shows online.

4. First the customer. The basis of the philosophy of Amazon is in this argument. Bezos said: "Our vision is to be the company's consumer-centric world, where it can find anything you want online." This ideology is shown in its easy Web browsing and fed comments and user ratings site; as in the shipping policy which is extremely efficient (even when the purchase is made outside the United
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