The Success By Becoming A Corporation

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Many successful companies further their success by becoming a corporation. Microsoft, a technology company, is an example of a company that became a corporation and took advantage of its many benefits of becoming a one. Since the incorporation of Microsoft, many other companies have become a corporation to benefit from what it has to offer. The development of the popularity of incorporations as a business has grown over the years. Corporations have grown over the last 200 years. Jane Mallor, one of the editors of the 15th edition of Business Law, wrote that corporate form was used even before the 16th century in Britain. The British government granted companies powers to monopolize trade. They were created to encourage investment for the benefit. Even thought monopolizing in the United States is now illegal, you still get granted powers, referred to as benefits within this paper, but not monopolizing powers. When companies become incorporated state incorporation Statutes is made. These statutes are made to create rules in relation with the corporation and its managers. The popularity of incorporating your business provides many benefits. A benefit the company will receive when it becomes a corporation is the option to become an IPO, initial public offering, and get investors to invest resulting in an increase in capital. Taxation is another benefit when incorporation occurs. Double taxation can be avoided if a corporation is formed. Corporations have the benefit that
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