The Success Factors Of Business Intelligence System

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The principle target of this paper is to distinguish the success factors of business intelligence system in small and medium enterprises. The characteristics of business intelligence system are a structure of this paper with how business intelligence leads to having competitive advantages. This paper distinguishes the term business intelligence, and the characteristics, and the competitve advantages for the firms. An organization trying to make focal point in order to comprehend the information that is produced in the execution of their business. Business intelligence can be an essential system to allow small medium enterprises to take vantage so from the data that are accessible. Thus, business intelligence systems can help the firms to change their processes to make a better decision making, greater applications for databases, and giving an extra point of view of data because all of these features lead to making better decisions. The results of this paper helps us to understand how business intelligence might be useful for administrators, arrangement creators, and business examiner in arranging, managing, and using business intelligence systems in small and medium enterprises.
Key words: business intelligence, small medium enterprises, and competitive advantage.
Business intelligence can be the subject of a far-reaching talk in the literature. The enthusiasm toward business intelligence has expanded fundamentally when the suppositions started to seem…
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