The Success Factors Of Business Intelligence System

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The principle target of this paper is to distinguish the success factors of business intelligence system in small and medium enterprises. The characteristics of business intelligence system are a structure of this paper with how business intelligence leads to having competitive advantages. This paper distinguishes the term business intelligence, and the characteristics, and the competitve advantages for the firms. An organization trying to make focal point in order to comprehend the information that is produced in the execution of their business. Business intelligence can be an essential system to allow small medium enterprises to take vantage so from the data that are accessible. Thus, business intelligence systems can help the firms to…show more content…
Business intelligence became the center of concentration because all professionals and managers nowadays want o manage their works and enterprises. Lacking information in the firms lead to fail of business intelligence. In this way, business intelligence has been received in universal enterprises. The enterprises need to be aware and mindful of the variables that will impact the achievement of business intelligence activity. On the other hand, the issues of enterprises are important because they have big impact on economy. So, the utilization of business intelligence frameworks in small-median- enterprises can be a wellspring of playing point. On of the important keys of business technique for making favorable circumstances is comprehends the information that organization create in it business. Business intelligence is important enough for attaining competitive advantage. These results can be valuable for Chiefs, arrangement producers, business examiners, and it experts, in managing arranging and execution of business intelligence in small-medium enterprises.
Business intelligence system:
The part of business intelligence frameworks and their impact over associations has been liable to change. According to Thierauf, business intelligence is one stage above learning administration frameworks and gives leaders a superior
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