The Success Of A Business Finance For A Large Fortune 500 Company

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Coming into college, I was quite certain I would go into corporate finance for a large Fortune 500 company, and try to slowly work my way to the top of the company. I had aspirations of being a CEO. As freshmen year ran its course, I developed an interest in banking. From what I read online, the profession seemed to encompass everything I was looking for in a career. These interests included a challenging, yet rewarding career, a heavy analytical/numbers focus, communication driven, and extensive exit opportunities.
A challenging, and rewarding career has always been a requirement when planning my future. When choosing a career, children are often told to do what they love. I knew from an early age that I liked being challenged, and using
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Finally, working for two years as an analyst has some of the best exit opportunities available in business. The door is open for me to transition to a private equity firm, a hedge fund, or stay with the bank.
I plan on landing my first professional experience through the Investment Banking Workshop. The workshop boasts an impressive 100% job placement. The difficult part is actually getting accepted into the workshop. The application opens on January 1st, 2016. I will need to network with current members of the club, and begin to prepare for the interview process. I have been working towards the goal of entering the workshop since early freshman year. I believe I am on the right track, and will put in all the work necessary to ensure the highest chance at success.
After gaining acceptance, I will network and prepare for my 1st semester junior year interviews to gain an internship. Ideally, I would like to work for a bulge bracket bank. Bulge bracket banks offer the best deal flow, along with superior exit opportunities. While I have these preconceived opinions, I think my decision will be made based on gut-feeling while networking with the banks. Meeting with actual employees, in my experience, has been the best way to know if I fit with the culture of the bank.
After landing the internship, I plan to work extremely hard
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