The Success Of A Business Venture Essay

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Last updated: 21 minutes ago History View files Plagiarism check .DOC .PDF AuthorLastName2 Name: Instructor: Course title: Date: Introduction When studied theoretically, entrepreneurship is a very interesting and awesome topic. People want to be free by becoming their own bosses. They also want to decide on their own working schedules by setting the hours they want to work, from what location, i.e. whether at home or at office and do the one thing that makes them feel accomplished. However, being an entrepreneur is not an easy job as many of may want to assume. In fact, it could be the most stressful job that a person can engage in. It is quite a challenge to see an opportunity, risky, as it may be, decide to take the risk by making a capital investment hoping to successfully run the business and get good returns. Running a business venture may not be as exciting as it may seem. As much as there is potential for success, so is the potential for failure and therefore patience is a requirement in entrepreneurship. Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they had to overcome a lot of turbulence in their business resulting from instances of persistent loss making and profitmaking. To understand the scope of the issues surrounding entrepreneurship, I focus on an interview with Joel Apfelbaum, the Co-founder and CEO of Ajax Union, an online marketing platform that focuses on small and midsize business ventures seeking to increase their exposure online. Ajax Union

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