The Success Of A Company

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For rapid growth of a company, there is a need for good decision making on the issues such as the culture of the business, staff hiring and spread of entrepreneurial culture among others. During his lecture, the CEO of the BOX Company, he reveals that the culture of the firm in all branches is essential to the success of the business. Such culture includes hardworking, accountability, rapid-acting and collaborative culture. However for one reason or the other, CEO and managers may find themselves making a poor decision. Below are various reasons that lead to a poor decision in a company. Firstly, the tendency of relying on experience leads to a poor decision in an organization. Some leaders base their action on the previous success of failure. Just because one succeeded on the former act, it does not mean it apply to the next act. For example, some managers tend to borrow the ideas of the experience that seemed useful. Contrary, it does not always work that way. The ideas may not work on the current situation. Similarly, it is hard for a manager to transfer their success from one company to another even if one has the track on the prior records of success. Secondly, is corporate politics in the business premises. Some leaders are addicted to politics, and they tend to make their decisions basing on the political motivation. Political motives are a hindrance to objectives decision making and make it hard to manage tasks at hand. In most cases such leaders get

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