The Success Of A Company Tesla Garments Strategy

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For our company Tesla Garments strategy is central to the success of the company due to the stiff competition and the continuously changing market. After careful consideration I think ‘Beyond the Stars’ our five year strategy is just what we need to achieve success and growth in this industry. The strategy as the name suggests is intended to drive the company to success levels beyond the wildest imaginations. The name is chosen to reflect the kind of heights the top leadership has set their eyes on. This is also good as a driving force for the management as well as staff as they all pursue the levels envisioned in this plan. The idea for this strategy came from a deep set need to grow market share and build brand equity as a driver for…show more content…
This will in turn help the company honor its promises to customers which will create customer goodwill. Again a lean production ensures the company reduces wastage to the bare minimum. (Wolfe, 2011) This is very helpful in pursuing lower costs. Key areas addressed by the strategy include stock holding levels, lead time minimization and reduction of stock holding costs for the company. Lower costs will enhance our ability to offer better prices than competition giving us a cost leadership competitive edge. Efficiency and effectiveness of sourcing and the elimination of waste in our goods inwards processes is also key in breaking the quality cost trade off which is central to securing a blue ocean space in the industry.
After inputs are received the next step is converting those inputs into outputs for consumption by the market. In my view this is the nerve center of the organization as the quality of our output relies heavily on how good we perform at this stage. Beyond the stars recognizes the critical role of internal processes to the success of the company. This is broken down to three aspects, (Barney, 2010) operations management, human resource management and Information management systems. These three provide the support as well as the core functions of the company.
In operations management beyond the stars proposes lean manufacturing as the basic production philosophy. This is envisioned to reduce waste in the form of
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