The Success Of A Financial Center

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In 1943 lawmakers had the idea of making world peace through trade and economic agreements. These towers were essentially a beam of light for the future of an uncertain New York economy. Although the idea of a financial center was conceived in the early 40s, Nelson and David Rockefeller didn’t pursue it until the early 1960s. The brothers sought a financial capital that companies around the world could trade and reach economic agreements through, as the name implied. This building would house banking, financial, insurance, transportation, and import and export companies, along with economic representatives of various foreign countries. The two brothers would continue to push for the project in the early 1960s, claiming that the project…show more content…
At peak of construction, 3,500 workers were working on the buildings at once. A total of $900 million (roughly $5 billion to $6 billion today) were spent on the World Trade Center from 1968 to 1973 (Johnson). From its conception all the way to it’s destruction in 2001, the World Trade Center served as what it originally sought to do: serve as the economic centerpiece of the world. A decade after its construction, World Trade Center revenues had jumped to $204 million with demand for occupant space rising. Smaller businesses were being pushed out for bigger clients, eventually taking over entirely. Over 50,000 employees in 500 various businesses worked in the World Trade Center, not limited to banks, law firms, charities, and airlines (Harris). Tourism was also a fundamental part of the World Trade Center, with observation decks, stores, and restaurants located at the top of the towers. Of course, success doesn’t come with opposition. The World Trade Center was later a target for terrorist and extremist activity. In 1993 a truck loaded with 1200lbs of explosives was detonated in the parking lot underneath. The entire building was evacuated and this is considered as one of the first sightings of terrorism on American soil. Religious extremists, claiming that they were avenging their Palestinian brothers, masterminded this specific bombing. Before the bombing letters with demands were sent out to media outlets by the culprits, calling for the United
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