The Success Of A New Rising Band

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As the manager of a new rising band called “True Divine” overseeing the business is a big challenge especially when there is an offer from USO and Army Forces Radio. As the negotiator there are many different types of negotiations that will impact the success of the group if the correct ones are not used wisely. The common negotiation mistakes are based on sale and not meeting the customer need. The people in the group need to share the vision and understand the objectives and goals that are to be achieved. Handling any conflict and making the necessary constructive decision is my duty. The band has been asked to support the troops in a number of war zones and the negotiations will be handled by the manager. This trip could present press coverage and a possible contract with the USO and Armed Forces Radio, which would be negotiated. In order to accomplish the goals and the expectation of the band some planning for negotiations will be needed. Some of the techniques I plan to use is the win–win and the reluctant buyer gambits with the USO and Army Forces. These gambits would allow all the parties to leave the table feeling that had gained something of value. Depending on the type of proposal determines the gambit, which could change and one should be prepared. The homework or studies on USO and the Army Forces Radio must be complete and precise in order to provide feedback, ask question and rely concerns. When the USO and the Army Forces

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