The Success Of A Product Essay

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Companies evaluate the success of a product in planned intervals. American Well would benefit from developing strategies that evaluate the success of the Exchange prior, during, after implementation of the product. Evaluation would include a review of preparatory, during, and post strategy, market research, investigates the competition, identifies the target audience, considers how customer relations impact success, and identifies tracking systems to optimize opportunities. Developing a preparatory, during, and post strategy is important to the launch and future of the Exchange. For example, special emphasis of how the Exchange is marketed to target consumers is conducted prior to the launch of the product. During the preparatory phase, American Well would benefit from aligning the sales and customer service team to ensure that communication in regards to Exchange is consistent. During the launch of the Exchange, American Well is focused on sustaining the performance of the Exchange while also receiving feedback from consumers and other feedback loops. The company will need to develop a way to extract data from surveys and generate a report that presents data that is easy to understand in order to guide decision-making and the future of the Exchange. Market research is important part of evaluating the success of the Exchange. American Well must have clear understanding of the telehealth market, establish goals that are realistic and achievable, and take advantage of new
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